Friday, May 22, 2020

"Global Wellness Economy outlook in the Trillions" Navigating the wild west of medical spas podcast by Med Spa Heroes Kristie, Anti Aging Nurse & Dr. Dana Russo

Podcast - Blog Introductions; "Healthy Aging" for patients & 
"Med Spa Heroes" Blog for healthcare professionals;

Kristie Anti Aging Nurse & Dr. Dana Russo- Med Spa Heroes;

- Why are so many med spas popping up?

- Med Spa Heroes;
Personal Journies
out the hospital & into the "wild west" of medical spas for Healthcare Professionals

-The pitfalls to avoid when opening a medical spa. 

-Affordable solutions to start your transition out of hospitals & into med spas.

- Are Healthcare professionals targets & "easy prey" for salesman?"

"A piece of the global wellness  pie"
Many healthcare providers are transitioning out of hospital settings & in to the cash pay Industry. Thinking of transitioning out of a hospital setting and in to a med spa?  -  Don't know where to start? Are you contemplating opening your own med spa? Then this blog is a "must read!" Written for healthcare providers (Doctors, Nurses, & PA's) by Healthcare providers who have survived the monumental task of "navigating the wild west of medical spas."

The wellness & med spa industry outlook is excellent! With managed healthcare, hmo's, & government regulations many healthcare professionals are leaving hospitals & breaking in to the wellness, concierge, & cash pay industries. Many Medical Spas open, but few are business savvy enough to survive the competition, minimize costs, & stay in business.

Don't be another med spa statistic! Do your research, read this blog, & our book  The "Ten Biggest Mistakes" made by healthcare providers opening med spas. 

A blog & book filled with helpful & time saving information. Insider tips to save you money &  keep your new med spa business "out of the red and into the green$!!"

Avoid common pitfalls experienced when starting your own medical spa.  Tips to save time, ways to save money, & many other helpful tips for the Healthcare provider.

Global Medical Spa Market Expected to Reach $27,566 Million by 2025, Says Allied Market Research

Blog Written by:
Kristie Isaac RN
"Anti Aging Nurse"
@ Generations Skincare, Mahomet, Illinois 

In collaboration with:

Dr. Dana Russo, D.O.
Innerbeauty @ Trio Med Spa,
Northfield, Illinois 


Global Medical Spa Market Expected to Reach $27,566 Million by 2025, Says Allied Market Research

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